Naked careerism in action


This, really, is a space that should be absolutely chock-full with content to dazzle and amaze, and, in particular should expand upon, clarify, amplify and generally leverage the hell out of my IPA Excellence Diploma thesis, “I believe brands should embrace the Dark Side” (coming to a Campaign near you in all good soho newsagents – and from the desk of that bloke who actually gets the subscription but you always nick it off – soon).

At the very least it should contain a link to said paper.

It should do this because:

a. I spent a truly exhaustive and nearly sanity-threatening amount of time researching and honing the ideas within it.

b. I actually believe they’re really important, and I didnt get to fill them out as much as I could do due to the constraints of writing an examined paper.

c. I should be a good boy and attempt to squeeze every last drop of career-construction and Brand Me building out of its publication.

So why doesnt it?

Well, I could try to explain it away as blog-fatigue and a natural twitchiness about the idea of Joining The Plannersphere, and Building Brand Me and all that nonsense. Which would have the benefit of being at least partly true. But the main fact of the matter is that I’ve simply been too busy to get my arse in gear. Those jars of instant coffee and credit cards aren’t going to sell themselves, you know.

Actually, there’s a strong argument that they would, but let’s not ponder that too deeply.

Anyway, please don’t take the absence of content as some kind of indication that I renounce my opinion that our culture is driving us slowly insane, being nice sucks, the world is going to hell in a handcart and that these are all Very Good Things.  If anything, I’m even more firmly entrenched in my views than before (a sure symptom of epistemic closure on my part if I ever seen one), and terribly keen to discuss and debate these ideas and What Brands Can Learn From Evil.

It’s just I’m not doing it on a blog at the moment.  I am, though, open to doing it through the media of talking and listening and ranting, particularly if bribed with alcohol to do so.  So, if you’d like a chat about any of the issues raised in this episode, you can contact me on Twitter (sjoeyrob), or at


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